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Self Care Under $20

Happy Labor Day! 

Labor Day is a day dedicated to the social and economic achievements of workers in America. 

As we take this day to celebrate economic accomplishments and hard work, it’s important to acknowledge the personal contributions that we have made to our society and reward ourselves for that!

Reward yourself today by practicing some self care. Do something that makes your body and mind feel good; something that contributes to your wellbeing.

Now, it’s super easy to indulge in every and anything self care, but it’s nice when you have some options that don’t break the bank.

We talked to some lifestyle bloggers and influencers from the Twin Cities about their favorite self care items under $20; here’s what they had to say. 

Anita (@anitaogata)

  1. Walks accompanied by breathing exercises (Free)

  2. Bentonite Clay Mask with apple cider vinegar ($12)

  3. Paints — painting really helps with calming (~$15)

Leighton Heegard (@lay_heegard)

  1. My journal ($10)

  2. Look Alive face mask by Versed ($9.99)

  3. Balm Dotcom skin salve by Glossier ($12)

Shot by Miroslav Skorykh

Lina (@lina.lovelyy)

  1. Raw apple cider vinegar by Bragg ($5)

  2. Raw coconut oil by Simply Nature ($5)

  3. Positively Radiant moisturizer by Aveeno ($13.99)

Ricki Monique (@rickimonique)

  1. Sula by Toni Morrison ($11.99)

  2. Glimmer By Alise lip gloss ($7)

  3. Venus Raquel clay face mask ($15)

Shot by Emma Wondra

Micheala Anne (@michealaanne)

  1. Yoga mat ($15)

  2. Angelite crystal ($8)

  3. 7,300 Days by Isabella Mente ($15.99)

Shot by Alex Fenner

Putting money towards things that benefit your physical and mental well-being is always an investment, but it’s an even better investment when those things don’t cost you an arm and a leg. 

Treat yourself to something self care related this week — you deserve it!

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