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Mastering Your Virtual Interview

COVID-19 has changed work-life for many people. As the United States government has released guidelines of social distancing, working from home and avoiding public gatherings, companies have been encouraged to shift their hiring processes to be virtual.

What does this mean for those looking for an internship or job in the near future?

You need to be a good virtual interviewer! 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Follow these steps:

1. Test your technology beforehand. This is a super important tip. The last thing you want is to arrive at a virtual interview 10 minutes late because you forgot to check your WiFi signal, laptop battery, or microphone/video settings. Do a test run before the interview to ensure everything is working to set yourself up for success.

2. Dress for success. This is a common interview tip — whether you're interviewing virtually or not. Dress professionally for your virtual interview just as you would an in-person interview. It’s key to dress for the role you intend on filling.

3. Limit distractions. Find a quiet place with limited distractions for your interview. You want your interviewer to be focused on you, not your roommates in the background.

4. Prepare in advance. Find some typical interview questions for the role and think through your potential responses. Pro tip: Use sticky notes for small reminders of things you’d like to touch on throughout your interview. 

5. Practice, don’t memorize. Sometimes we get in the habit of trying to memorize responses to questions. Although this can sometimes be useful, it’s a much better idea to have a general idea of topics you’d like to highlight  — this will make you sound both more natural and comfortable when answering questions. 

6. Be yourself. This one’s pretty self explanatory, but be yourself! Most employers can tell when you’re not being authentic, so don’t overthink it. Being yourself will help the interviewer relate to you and make you stand out. 

7. Follow up. It’s important to follow up within 24 hours of the interview. Your follow-up doesn’t need to be anything extravagant; be sure to email your interviewer(s) and thank them for their consideration and time. Pro tip: Add a specific topic that resonated with you during the interview; it will make it more personable versus a generic, copy-and-pasted note. 

With the help of these tips, you should be well on your way to a successful virtual interview. 

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any additional questions for us. 

You got this! 

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