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Finding a Balance With Money

We’re all guilty of getting a little too caught up in the YOLO trend.. right?

For some of us, this is especially true when it comes to our money. Talking, and even thinking, about our financial situation can be difficult, so it’s easy for us to just spend freely and forget about the implications of our money decisions.

It’s easy to order food in every night, get in the habit of online shopping, or make major purchases that we never planned. We justify these things usually by telling ourselves:

“I deserve this.”

“I worked hard for my money. “

Or our favorite of them all “well.. you only live once.”

Now, the point of this blog isn’t to tell you about how much you should be thinking about your money, because overthinking about your finances can be detrimental. 

This is a call out that we all need BALANCE when it comes to our money. 

Of course we shouldn’t always be catching ourselves in the YOLO mentality whenever it comes to our money, but we also shouldn’t be so financially strict with ourselves that we aren’t allowing ourselves to enjoy things. 

The trick to all of this is finding balance. The easiest way to get that balance? Have some sort of plan when it comes to your finances. This can mean..

  • Creating a vision board of your financial goals 

Vision boarding is a great way to visualize the things you’d like to accomplish in the future. Seeing this everyday makes your goals more tangible and can help you make money decisions that will help you reach these goals.

  • Starting a rough budget where you allow yourself a certain amount of “fun” money every month 

We call this your FLEX money here at MoneyVerbs. Allowing yourself some fun money gives you some room to spend freely in your budget, but puts a cap on it so you don’t go overboard. Check out more about FLEX | FLOW budgeting in our blog. 

  • Get the MoneyVerbs app on your phone to read through new resources every week

The MoneyVerbs app has a multitude of resources to refer to for all your budgeting questions — including articles, tools, and various communities. Tune in for tons of new resources being released next Spring as well!

  • Setting plans for major purchases that you’d like in the next few years 

Thinking into the future and deciding on some major purchases you’d like to make can help you create money habits that will support those major purchases. 

  • Turning your bank app notifications on, so that you have a tangible reminder every time you make a purchase.

This is something so small, but it makes a HUGE difference! Most banking apps offer you the option of getting a notification every time your card is charged. This can help you be more conscious of the purchases that you’re making and better understand where exactly your money is going. 

There isn’t one specific thing that you NEED to do to find balance in your money life, but it is important to find something that helps you feel in control of your money and relieves your financial stress. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! We’ve got you covered.

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