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COVID Q+A — Your Questions Answered

How can I support local small businesses during covid-19?

  • Leave a positive review on their social pages, so others will want to book them in the future.

  • Give them a video shoutout via your social media stories, talk about their style, personality, the experience you’ve had working with them.

  • Repost some of the works you especially love and tag them.

  • Be active on their social media, like and comment their new posts.

  • Book a future session with them or ask them to make a gift certificate you can purchase for a friend.

  • Support them by ordering products or services from them

Working From Home During COVID

  • Set an alarm in the morning and have a start time to your work

  • Schedule breaks

  • Have an end time where you stop working and put it away

  • Have a bed time

  • Put your phone in a different room if you’re struggling to focus

  • Create a designated space for your work

  • If you live with someone set expectations for when your breaks are

  • Focus on one task at a time (close your inbox for a bit)

I have some extra cash coming in that I’d like to use effectively while in quarantine.  What should I do?

  • Order safe delivery 

  • Buy gift cards from local business

  • Invest wisely

  • Tip like a Rockefeller

  • Save, save, save

  • Keep cash handy

How to find a job when you’re graduating into a recession

In other words, how can we best prepare for something that can only be described as uncertain?

The most important thing here—and forgive how cheesy this is going to sound—is having a positive mindset.

I see you rolling your eyes. Let me explain: 

It sure doesn’t help to worry about the future. Anxiety is not going to give you the paychecks you deserve. Worrying means you’re expecting bad things to happen, and we simply can’t have that negative energy in our job seeking mindsets, can we?

Focus on what you can control in your life right now. Your network? Your skill sets? Your digital platform? Your mindset? Here are some other suggestions:

  • Make digital connections

  • Build your professional platform on social media

  • Lean on what you’re good at, or how you can build your skill set in the coming months

  • Dig deep and get creative

  • Assess current assets

  • Practice saying to yourself: “I will adapt. I will make the best of what’s to come.”

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