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Cooking From Home: You Got This!

So, you just ordered delivery. The meal was $9.95, but after taxes, delivery fees, and a tip, your total is nearly $20...

How much could you have saved making the dish at home? We did a little experiment to see.

Our team recreated a pasta dish from Buca Di Beppo to see how much money we could save compared to getting it delivered.

We found a copycat recipe for Buca’s Penne San Remo; all of the ingredients for the meal totaled out to $27.29.  

The meal prep and cooking took about 45 minutes, and our food yielded five huge servings. 

We put the same order into UberEats, for the same amount of food; the total came out to $55 before tip. That being said, it would have been double the cost to get this meal delivered, plus the addition of a tip.

We get it, eating out is fun and easy; you don’t have to set aside any time for shopping, prepping, or cooking, and it’s exciting to get notified that your delivery is at the door. However, it can also be a ton of fun to cook!

"Cooking has always been so fun and relaxing for me. I have a lot of childhood memories of my parents blasting music and dancing around the kitchen as they made dinner together, and it was always the most delicious meals. I’m glad they taught me how to cook so I don’t have to always have to splurge on restaurant food, and just use their dishes as inspiration instead. The best part is that you get way more servings for less money and get to enjoy it longer that way!"

This isn’t to say that you should totally ditch delivery... who could do that? It’s just a reminder that you could be saving some extra money by spending a little more time in the kitchen rather than browsing through Uber Eats. 

So, what can you do with this extra money you’re saving? 

  • Put it towards your goals 

The money that you’re saving can be put toward your goals! If you haven’t established any concrete goals recently, try creating a vision board. Once you have some goals established, create a plan to set aside some cash every month to accomplish them. 

  • Invest

Investing is a great place to put your extra funds. Check out this blog to understand the basics of investing — this is a great way to maximize the extra money you have. 

  • Create an emergency fund

An emergency fund is a stash of money that you set aside in case of job loss or unexpected expenses. As the pandemic has shown us, unprecedented things can always happen, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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