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5 Steps to Absolutely Crush Your Financial Goals

2020 has been a rough start, huh?  

As we all wait out the uncertainty of the ongoing pandemic putting many of us out of work, it’s completely valid to have some major anxieties about the financial future. The silver lining? There’s opportunities out there right now that can get you even closer to your financial goals.

We’re gonna give you some tough love, okay? The fact of the matter is this: the person you will be when we get out of this mess depends on the decisions you make today. Likewise, the financial wealth you’ll have in the future only comes when you get smart about your money NOW.

Let’s set some goals, shall we? Here’s how we can go about this:

1 . Know your “WHY”

Write it down. Hell, write down 20. WHY do you want to be financially free? WHY does having enough money to retire mean so much to you? WHY will this money you have yet to receive bring you joy?

If your “why” doesn’t make you cry, it’s not deep enough. Really think about this one; it’s the foundation of why you’ll be working towards your dreams, especially when you really feel like giving up.

2 . Take full accountability.

There are certainly things happening in this world that can’t be controlled. You CAN control how you respond to the uncontrollable. Everything you think, say, and do is 100% up to you. Understand that YOU are in charge of giving yourself a fantastic life, and it will certainly take some practice to believe that fully. 

Offer yourself patience, while simultaneously knowing that you should be holding yourself accountable, especially when it comes to personal finance.

3 . Micro-action now, massive results later.

The good news? You’re reading this now, which means you seriously want to make a change to set yourself up for success. That means you’ll have to set something else in the meantime:

GOALS. You want to live your life on your own terms? You’ll need to learn how to effectively manage, grow, and protect your finances so that you can make that happen (contrary to popular belief, financial freedom is possible...even in these wild economic conditions). Break these down into small, manageable tasks, and you’re well on your way to serious


4 . Utilize the SMART goals tool. 

SMART stands for...

S - Specific

M - Measurable

A - Attainable

R - Realistic

T - Time-bound

As you set and plan your life and financial planning goals, keep in mind that you will need to break things down. If you want to buy a home in 5 years you will need to know $XXX for a down payment. Divide in by 5, and now you know that by the end of this year your savings account should reflect ⅕ of $XXX (the down payment amount). If you want to be at a certain weight, you will need to diet and exercise. What will that cost monthly? Weekly? Daily? How can you fit it into your budget? 

More about SMART goals here.

5 . Create a vision board.

You’ve probably heard this one a LOT, but for good reason. Listen up!

Vision boards are a way of seeing whatever it is you desire every day so that you’re thinking about it all the time. Take your goals, no matter how big they are, and make them VISIBLE. Get creative with this! One way to do a vision board is by putting something digital together in Google Slides or Microsoft Powerpoint. 

Additionally, write statements of what you want to accomplish in the future and write it with present tense (are you familiar with the Law of Attraction?)

Some examples:

  • I’m so relieved that I’ve paid off my student loans! 

  • I’m grateful we were able to find the home of our dreams.

  • I’m thrilled that I went to the 2024 Olympics.

  • I’m blessed to have grown and scaled my business.

Whatever your future endeavors may be, they’re all possible, so long as you prepare accordingly. This is an ideal season for preparation, and it’s time to make the changes you’ve always wanted. 

Remember your “WHY”, and take a deep breath. We’re going to be ok. (:

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