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Welcome to MoneyVerbs Legacy!

Whether you've been with us from the first release of the app, or are simply in our MoneyVerbs community —

we appreciate you! 


As you may know, MoneyVerbs is an app that helps users practice everything they wish they learned about money in school, from getting out of debt to getting rich. 

Traditional finance advising can be expensive; that’s why we made MoneyVerbs, so individuals can be guided toward a secure financial life at a fraction of the cost.

Why become a MoneyVerbs Legacy member?

As our app releases new features, we will begin charging $65/year for a membership. 


However, we are offering you full access to our app for the next three years for only $50.

Yes, you heard that right, a $50 flat fee for the next three years!

What content can you expect in the near future?

Our current app features a ton of great content including money challenges that allow you to practice solving real-life problems, and a community where you can interact with peers who are working on a path toward financial success just like you.

Soon, you will also have the ability to create a custom avatar before beginning your financial journey.

Your avatar will be guided down a unique path of solving challenges, completing course content, and using resources to push you toward your financial goals. 


All along your journey, you’ll have the option to message groups or individual users whenever you need assistance.

Sign up below to gain access to all that our app has to offer in the next three years. We are ready to guide you on your path to getting rich, leveling up, and becoming your best financial self. You got this!

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